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Over the summer, I attended a very large leadership conference. I believe there was close to seven thousand people at this two day event. You could imagine the parking lots were completely full, lunch lines took an hour to get through, and women’s bathrooms were always jammed. As an introvert I looked for the “quiet room” as often as we had breaks to escape the masses of people. The conference was very inspiring but I noticed something that related to organizing while consistently waiting in line for the bathroom during those two days.

I noticed women that were mindful of others. I noticed women that cared to pick up after themselves. I noticed women leaving the space better than when they found it. As I washed my hands each time I went, I saw other conference attendees wiping down their sink space, picking up lingering paper towels, and tossing garbage others had left behind. It dawned on me that these same women probably have organized homes and work places! I couldn’t believe that they took the time to make the space in a public bathroom better than when they found it. I will say none of the restrooms ever got gross or disgusting.

What if we had this same mindset at work or at home? What if we cared enough for our coworkers and family members to pick up after ourselves and leave the kitchen counter tops or bedroom floor better than how we found it? What if we stopped blaming others, pointing fingers, and waiting for someone else to care enough to pick it up?

Whether you have roommate, a spouse, a coworker, a shared desktop space or vehicle, may this story inspire us all to be mindful of our surroundings and to be mindful of who is coming after us. Do we care enough and take time to help others?

Amber Kostelny

Amber’s Organizing, LLC

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