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Have you ever felt disorganized virtually or electronically? Whether it is email, photos, or files, being disorganized in any of these areas drives me bonkers as if they were mounds of clutter in my house. Recently for me it was multiple ways to sign into Google that really made me stop and organize all my Google accounts. I had three emails to sign into six different Google apps. I was very disorganized with all my Google accounts and recently I said “Enough is enough. You have to figure this out Amber. Start consolidating.”

So day after day and about a week later, I had figured out all my accounts, apps and which went where. I talked to Google three times during this time period and they were super helpful to point me in the right direction.  The biggest lesson learned is that each Google service (for example Google Plus, Google Pages, Google Adwords, etc) are all separate. You have to log into each and every one and change the settings to all point to one email log in.

I’m thrilled to say I completed my Google project and all my applications through Google are now connected to one Gmail account.  If you’re a tech person you’re probably laughing at me writing this right now but for me, this was a huge accomplishment. I’m great at organizing, not technical stuff and despite that weakness , I want to practice what I preach even in my computer environment. This exercise taught me a lot about organizing the electronic or intangible part of our lives and I’m convinced it’s just as important as organizing our, closets, kitchen cabinets, toys and garages.

Consider other areas of your life that are not tangible but need to be organized… bank accounts, investment accounts, time, thoughts, and ideas. All of these can’t be held and sorted but all are equally important to organize, track and consolidate!

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Amber’s Organizing, LLC

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