Children’s Room: De-clutter and Organize [Guest Post]


Do you have children? Is their room a disaster? Kid’s rooms get messy with the blink of an eye. It may seem that no matter what you do or how often you clean, the clutter of a child’s room can overtake the space available. Children should be able to help keep their own rooms organized, but how can we as parents expect them to keep up with the clutter if we don’t create an organizational system for them? We can’t, but with an organizational plan we can. The tips that are mentioned below will help you to de-clutter any child’s room or to help organize the room as well.

1.  Use storage containers and lots of them.

If everything has a place, then organization becomes simple and clutter becomes less of a problem. As with almost every child’s room, there are a lot of things from clothes to toys; from paper to crayons. If you have storage bins or containers for everything such as shoes, blocks, cars, dolls, stuffed animals, etc. and label each container the children will know where to put all of their things. Not only will this help organize their room but you will have to do less cleaning and they can take on more responsibility in their room.

2.  Create a cleaning schedule.

Any task in life needs a schedule especially when children are involved. If adults need consistency and a routine to get into a new habit, then we can bet that children do as well. If a cleaning schedule is implemented, children will be more likely to keep up with the clutter on a daily basis. Some cleaning schedules may involve taking care of laundry 3 times a week, picking up the floor every evening, making beds in the morning, etc.

3.  Have the children help get rid of things.

If your children are anything like mine they don’t want to throw away or give away anything. They feel that everything is special to them. While this is a great attitude in some sense, they just can’t keep everything. In the same matter, I don’t want to throw things away that they really do want to keep. I have implemented a monthly deep room cleaning process. My children and I go through their room and throw away all of the trash. Then we pick up all blocks, Legos, and Hot Wheels and place those in their assigned bins.  After we do this all broken toys get thrown away as well unless they can be easily fixed. The rest of the toys get put away in their specified labeled locations. If the locations are overflowing with toys then I have the children each get rid of 2 toys. By the end of this cleaning session the room is organized again. Since we also have a daily cleaning schedule, this monthly deep cleaning process doesn’t take long at all.

Mess and clutter may have been a part of your child’s room for a long time but if you follow the above tips you can be assured to have more time to yourself and have a more fun time playing with your child in their room.

Cara Gilmore
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