Making Your Closet Look Like a Million Bucks

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How organized do you like your closet to look? Some of you are thankful if the clean clothes just make it back into the closet or if you can find your favorite jeans. Others like to have it look like a magazine cover or something you’d see on Pinterest. Whichever way you like it, is just fine by me. I like mine organized, practical, and functional but it doesn’t have to be perfect or magazine worthy. This blog speaks to those of you that want to walk into a beautiful closet, a closet that inspires you and functions well. Here are some tricks and tips I would like to share with you. Aim for the new ideas or tips that really matter to you. Those will give you the biggest difference in how you feel next time you use your new and improved closet.

  1. Give your closet a fresh coat of paint. If you’re organizing the clothes and shoes anyways, you might as well throw a fresh coat a paint on the walls before you put everything back in. Avoid stark white. Try a creamy white instead. If you choose a color it will skew how you see the colors in your clothes.
  2. Invest in bright lighting. I’m not suggesting fluorescent hospital lighting, but enough light to see all your clothes and the floors.
  3. Keep floors clear. If you have to use the floor space, make sure bins are lidded and labeled, otherwise, everything will get dusty and piles will quickly be rebuilt. If things are in containers, this will make it easier to clean. Just move the containers when you’re ready to vacuum or mop.
  4. If you’re using shoe shelves lined up on the floor, make sure they have a backing so that the shoes won’t slip to the back or slip through.
  5. If you’re using containers on the shelves in plain sight, spring for pretty containers. Skip plastic and go for suede, fabric, or wicker. Keep them all matching too.
  6. Invest in all the same hangers. Wooden hangers are classy but take up a lot of space. If you’re skipping wooden to save space, I like the space saver hangers. They come in several colors. Another name for them is Huggable Hangers. They can be found here on the Home Shopping Network.
  7. Hang the clothes in the same direction. This makes a huge visual difference. Also zip or button tops and jackets. They will hang neater.
  8. Use the same type of hangers for pants and skirts. This will ensure all pants will hang at the same height. Skirts will be different lengths but they will all start hanging at the same height. This uniformity makes it look extra organized.
  9. If anything is being folded on shelves, fold everything the same way in the same direction.
  10. Color coding clothes also gives it a finished look. Lining up articles by hues is visually appealing.

Let’s face it though, several of these tips are impossible to maintain on a long term basis. Do what you can and spend the time on what matters most to you. I’d love to see your closet when you’re finished. Email or text me a picture!

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2 Responses to Making Your Closet Look Like a Million Bucks

  1. These are wonderful tips you got here. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Mike Huiwitz says:

    First, I need to buy a closet. LOL

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