Resolutions for getting organized

list of resolutions

What can you do at the outset of 2014 to get organized for the entire year?

At Home

  1. Choose to use one calendar and use it for EVERYTHING. Put reminders, vacations, tasks and anything else in the calendar to help you kick forgetfulness. Even type in where you can find something when you’re looking for it on a certain date for a specific event.
  2. Choose daily, weekly and monthly routines. Creating routines to accomplish tasks will make sure even the mundane things get done around the house. For example: daily- make your bed or hang up your coat. Weekly-do laundry, open mail, and pay bills. Monthly- clean out your wallet, coupons and junk drawer. Consider the things you wish would get done on a regular basis. Are they weekly or monthly or daily? Don’t overwhelm yourself with a million things. Prioritize which would be helpful and realistic for your family.
  3. Bring home less and get rid of more. Consciously take note of how much you bring home, whether it is groceries, dollar store items, packages from online shopping or shopping bags. Bring home less of it. Don’t buy in bulk. Buy only what you need and not what you want. Shop less and wear what you have. And the next step is to get rid of the excess…. in your drawers, closets, and basement. If you are consistent, your home will have less to keep organized and maintain by summertime. The clutter scale will shift; less coming in and more leaving and going out.

At Work

  1. Start your day planning. Instead of just diving into the hundreds of emails waiting for you, plan your day. Determine what you will get done today and decide how you will spend your time. Take note of meetings and talking with colleagues that will eat up your time quickly.
  2. End your day with a “clean up” routine. Put away stray paper. Recycle or shred all garbage on your desk. Leave out or mark down what you want to work on tomorrow. Don’t just rush out of the office leaving a mess at the end of the day. Cleaning up today will start your day better tomorrow.

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One Response to Resolutions for getting organized

  1. These are all wonderful tips. I am planning to be more organized this year. Last year was quite a bad try for me.

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