A Professional Organizer’s Home

a professional organizer’s house

One of the comments I hear the most is, “I wonder what your home looks like.” Or “I’d love to see how organized you are at your home.” It always makes me smile.

Is my home organized? Yes. Can I find everything I have and need? Yes. Does everything have its’ own spot and space? Yes. Practicing what I preach day in and day out though is essential. There’s no way I could help you all or tell you how to organize your homes and offices if my home was a mess.

However, I’m not a perfectionist and nothing in my home is color-coded or alphabetized. Well only one thing is — my kitchen spices. Nothing else is. I promise you. Not even my files. My mantra or motto is organize the way it makes sense and is useful to ME. I customize it to work for my day and how I live. I’m all about short cuts and making it easy to maintain. If it’s too hard to keep it up, I won’t maintain it. So I don’t overcomplicate systems or solutions.

Here are some of my personal habits that help me stay organized.

  • I make decisions. I never put something aside to decide later or deal with later. When I pick something up or bring something home, it goes where it belongs.
  • Whenever I purchase something it usually replaces something broken or used up. When I buy new underwear, I get rid of old underwear. If a light bulb burns out, I buy more. I don’t have a stash of 20 light bulbs. As I use things up, I replace them when I need them. It’s a certain mentality that many of us aren’t used to. We were raised to save things, stock up on things, and buy in bulk. Buy one get one free deals and oversize shopping at Costco and Sam’s Club makes us fall prey to overbuying and storing items in excess.
  • I try to look forward, not behind. In other words, I’m not super sentimental. I value the people in my life and the time I have with them now over the “stuff” that reminds me of them. I don’t need items to recall good times or remember something. I try to live each day enjoying that time with who is in my life. There will always be future memories and days ahead full of fun times. Look ahead, not behind.
  • Finally, I stick to patterns that help me stay on task. I typically don’t like routines, but some routines are critical to making my week run smoothly. I choose the things that really need to be on a schedule for me. The rest, I get done when I want to get it done. So laundry, paying bills, and working out are scheduled in. For you it may be different; for example, grocery shopping or meal planning might be essential. To me, I just get that done when I run out of food. The grass is cut when it gets long, not necessarily every Saturday. See my point? Pick the tasks that need routines and then stick to those routines.

Not what you expected? What did you find most surprising?

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9 Responses to A Professional Organizer’s Home

  1. I thought you do have a strict daily routine to follow everyday or every week to keep things organized. My biggest mistake that is why I find it hard to organize is that I usually keep things for remembrance or things that are not useful anymore, thinking I might eventually be able to use it one day.

  2. Mia Taylor says:

    Hi Amber,

    What you said is right! many have the tendency to pile up the things with a hope that they might use it one day or another. I always make it a point to replace the things according to my needs and get rid of old stuffs.

  3. Peer Lending says:

    Sounds like you’re a realist. That’s good. Not everything can be perfect.

  4. Angela says:

    Thanks for the post! Also, thanks for sharing your personal habits which can also help build up our own discipline. Great post! keep posting!

  5. Brittney says:

    When things are organized your life seems to flow better. I make it a ritual so to speak to do a deep cleaning once a month and just throw away things. If it has been over a month since you have used something you were saving then toss it out.

  6. putri says:

    Wow, it’s amazing that you have the same ideas i used to do. Simplicity in life will make everything goes smoothly.

  7. Donald Quixote from general contractor williston says:

    I like the way you scheduled your day…I do it similarly with big items that need to get done at a specific time and the smaller ones just listed as to dos when I get around to them at different times of the day.

  8. Lance Miles says:

    Procrastination is the leading cause of clutter in my home. When you continue to put off cleaning and organizing, the mess grows and grows. As the piles of clutter get larger, it becomes more intimidating and harder to start cleaning. This sounds like a terrible problem, and it is… But the solution is a very simple one that I learned a long time ago. Don’t Procrastinate. When something is out of place, immediately put it back. When something needs to be thrown away, immediately do it. Don’t let simple tasks pile up and pile up until they are soooo big you are scared to start tackling them.

  9. Chris says:

    I agree that simplicity in life will make everything goes smoothly. We must always make it a point to replace the things according to our needs and get rid of old stuffs.

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