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I’ve recently encountered several female clients struggling to keep their jewelry organized, so I thought I would share some common solutions to organizing jewelry. The first step to organize your jewelry is pull out all the jewelry boxes and bags that hold your jewelry. I often find it dispersed and saved in many places, pockets, old cardboard boxes, and just regular jewelry boxes. We women frequently outgrow a typical dresser top jewelry box so think outside the box… literally. If you have one and like it, you may keep it, but one of these solutions may complement it or replace it all together.

  1. Let’s start with my favorite option: Jewelry stacking trays for your dresser drawers. This is my favorite because they make a huge difference in seeing all that you have at a glance and it prevents tangles. You can store more than one piece of jewelry in the different compartments, so they hold more than you think. Measure your drawers first — the depth, height, and width. Then buy as many trays that will fit, and stack away!
  2. My second favorite way to store jewelry, specifically necklaces, are small hooks on the wall in your closet or next to your dresser. My clients have used 3M Command hooks from Target or fancy pretty hooks from a hardware or home goods store. The necklaces are easily accessible and right next to your clothes to mix and match while getting dressed. And again, they won’t tangle hanging up.
  3. Another solution is a hanging jewelry bag. It’s the same concept as a shoe bag or sweater bag, but this time it’s for jewelry hanging right inside your closet off a closet rod. I’m not a huge fan of these, but if you have enough hanging space and if reaching inside pockets to fish jewelry out doesn’t bother you, then give it a shot.
  4. If you want to admire your jewelry or use it to decorate your bedroom, jewelry trees or mannequins on your dresser tops are useful. There are several options and versions. Shopping on the internet for one will give a nice selection to choose from. I just gave you an example of one.
  5. My final example for organizing jewelry comes from my mom. She gets all the credit. Although, it wouldn’t be how I would choose to organize my jewelry, some of you may like the idea. She organizes her jewelry by season and type. For example, her necklaces that go well with summer outfits and casual outfits are in her spring/summer jewelry box. Her heavy winter clunky necklaces are stored in their own jewelry box. Her final box holds her fancy, cocktail type of jewelry which she rarely uses. So she chooses which box to go to based on her outfit type and season.

How do you organize your jewelry? Which solution works for you?

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7 Responses to Jewelry Organizing Solutions

  1. Suzan hall says:

    Most of the women’s love their jewelry and organize it in a good way. I also love my jewelry so much and would like to buy and store the trendy and latest jewelry. You have given really useful solutions for organizing it well. I like to go with #1 and #3 because the use of trays and bags our jewelry is much safe and clean.

  2. Kasia says:

    These are some great ideas! We create and sell jewelry at ADA Collection and are always looking for new ideas on storing and displaying our accessories. Loved your tips and found some great jewelry trees at an amazing discount on the “Red Envelope” website! Give them a try ( and then check us out for the jewelry! ) 🙂

  3. I think I’d go with your first advice. I would prefer stocking up my jewelry in a drawer in a more organized way and set aside those every small box I have.

  4. Mia Taylor says:

    I am very fond of decorations and I have organized my stuff with a jwellery tree on my dresser tops.

  5. Levon

    there is nothing better than organize life making sure everything in life is completely organized helps you mentally stay stable.

  6. Sarah

    Fantastic solution about jewelry organizing you have provided in here and as a jewelry lover I always love to organize my jewelry items nicely and this time your solution will me lots of encouragement to do this. lol:)

  7. Tracy from best hair dryer says:

    Tangling drives me crazy. I don’t know how jewels get tangled even you put them together for a minute. I REally loved your tips AND I’m a fan of them already.

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