8 Ways to Organize Your Home Before You Move [Guest Post]

moving truckWe all know that moving can be what anxiety attacks are made of. From packing, getting a moving truck, and remembering where everything is, there is a lot on your plate when you’re moving. So what’s the secret to making everything easier? One word: Organization. This sometimes takes time, but the good news is, if you’re reading this article, you know you’re moving sometime soon, so you can start going through steps now to make everything easier when moving day arrives. Here are our top 8 organizing tips to help you be more prepared to move.

  1. Go Through Belongings. It is often surprising how much junk has accumulated in the house over the years. The first step is to go through all your stuff and throw out or give away what you don’t use or need so that you have less to move. This task often seems daunting, so take it 1 room at a time. Be wary of trying to sell everything you don’t want – this is often a time consuming process and you usually don’t make much money anyway.
  2. E- Organization. When moving, you often need to expect the best but plan for the worst. Since you don’t know what’s going to happen when all your electronics are moved, back up your files on your computer and other electronics so that you can have peace of mind when moving those items.
  3. Work Smarter-Not Harder. Ever feel like you work so hard to organize and then it’s torn apart by the next day? The secret is to make organizing a daily routine or lifestyle, not necessarily a big project. Think about ways to more efficiently do what you normally do to organize your house. Some ideas are carrying a laundry basket with you from room to room and collecting items that don’t belong to return them, setting a timer to remain focused for 15 minute increments of time, or scheduling a weekly trip to a donation center.
  4. Organize & Protect Valuables. Gathering up your important items and putting them in a fireproof safe can help immensely to make sure that a birth certificate doesn’t blow away, or other important documents get wet somehow. It ensures the safety of your valuables and also puts them all in one place so you won’t lose them in the move. It can also help to put your current bills in here so that you know where they are when you move.
  5. Make a Schedule. Scheduling your organization will make it more doable. Put blocks of time and certain projects you want to focus on during that time into your planner, and force yourself to stick to it. Nothing is worse than knowing you have a ton left to do the day before you move, so don’t let yourself procrastinate. Remember to include a maintenance schedule to breeze through all your work to keep it organized before the move.
  6. Box Labeling. Most people write what’s in the box with a marker, but what if you’re using old boxes and there are several things written on them? Or, what if you don’t have the time to write on each box? The simpler choice is to give each room a color and place colored stickers on each box so that when you move in you can place each box in the room they belong.
  7. Finish the Outside Early. A lot of people tend to forget their outside items until they’re done moving everything else. Since moving outside items can sometimes be difficult and heavy, get that out of the way now. These are items that you don’t need to live, so you’ll be okay without them for a couple weeks before you move.
  8. Remember the Essentials. One of the problems people often run into is not knowing where the essentials are once they get into their new house. Start up a stash for things you know you’ll need right away like toilet paper, disposable silverware and plates, food, some clothes, shower curtain and blankets.

If you stick to these 8 easy steps and remain calm, you will survive through organizing for the move. Good luck and happy moving.

Author Bio: Kate Sheppard is an expert on organization and with moving 9 times, she’s become an expert in that too. If you need more help with moving visit Crown Moving Co., Inc. for more information.

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46 Responses to 8 Ways to Organize Your Home Before You Move [Guest Post]

  1. This post is just in the right timing. We are planning to move next week and right now, I am exactly starting to get panic with all the work that should be done.

  2. Sarah says:

    Whenever we move, we always end up buying a filing cabinet. Those important documents seem to add up so quick! The label maker is also a necessity.
    Sarah recently posted..Clip-on Silicone Spoon HolderMy Profile

  3. Lauren Addis says:

    Well written post…… As moving sometimes difficult and stressful and it requires proper planning. Your tips are very useful and helpful for everyone and especially for those who plan for moving house but I liked the #3 one most. Really if we plan well only then we will be able to take corrective action. During moving packing and labeling of items is very must as you have told because as packing safe items for being damage while labeling helps you to identifying items easily. Thanks for sharing this useful information with us. I am very happy to read your post and would like to read more new posts.

  4. Curtis says:

    Great moving tips. Moving makes us realize what is important. We tend to accumulate things that we do not use often.

  5. Georgie says:

    Whenever we move I always have a rubbermaid container filled with the essentials (toothbrush, coffee, tissue, duct tape) that’s the last thing to leave the house and the first (hopefully) to arrive.

  6. Jeff

    Wow, great list – thanks so much! I’m moving MYSELF in a few months, and this definitely helps!


  7. Donald Quixote from general contractor williston says:

    Most of the ideas I already do but I do like the scheduling one…thinking weeks in advance and boxing up items you know you won’t need makes it much easier than the rush of three days boxing (you also are left with no idea where everything is)…thanks for the tip.

  8. Levon

    when you first move things can really be chaotic, thanks for this information hopefully this will help my family.

  9. This information is really important. Why? So often I’ve read articles centered on how to sell a home. Rarely do I get to read how to better prepare for leaving the house after you sell it! How knew! Thanks. I’m keeping this article bookmarked so I can share it with my clients. Thanks so much for the tips.

  10. Karen says:

    I have moved so many times, I feel like a professional mover. I haven’t tried the laundry basket idea. Sounds like a good one.

  11. Donald Quixote from Redman Van & says:

    Honestly, in my opinion, organization is probably the most important aspect of moving, I know that whenever I am not organized I just get a headache from it.

  12. Tom Newton says:

    By following those tips, moving will become easy. Likewise, placing things in small boxes will make it easier to carry than big boxes.

  13. I like tip # 3. A lot of people work harder yet the end result is disappointing to them. I think their “busy-ness” has made them blind to do the right things.

  14. wow its good article, i like to read your post, actually this Make a Schedule. Scheduling your organization will make it more doable. Put blocks of time and certain projects you want to focus on during that time into your planner, and force yourself to stick to it. Nothing is worse than knowing you have a ton left to do the day before you move, so don’t let yourself procrastinate. Remember to include a maintenance schedule to breeze through all your work to keep it organized before the move. point 5 its nice thanks, ill be wait your update post

  15. If time management just isn’t your thing, professional movers provide a schedule for arrival, departure and all the details of moving.

  16. Lila Musse says:


    I agree, moving from one place to another place can be sometimes difficult or stressful, so better to be organized. These tips are really useful, now i will follow these tips while moving.

  17. And don’t forget to pack your sheets, pillows and blankets in a separate bag for the first night in your new house. The last thing you’ll feel like doing after a big day moving is trying to find these things.

  18. Donald Quixote says:

    Organize and protect your valuables! A friend of mine just moved and now has a whole through the back of his leather couch. Make sure its done right or you will pay for it later.

  19. Whether it’s a top floor in an apartment building or the basement of an old house, professional movers have the brain power to get everything safely out of your home and unto their truck.

  20. I remember looking into Icrebreaker, and, for me, the cost was prohibitive. I have heard great things about Icebreaker, though, and I know their brand loyalty is quite strong. Maybe when it comes time to replace something, I will give them a look.

  21. vito says:

    Organizing your valuables is the most important step before removals and storage! It makes the moving simple and hassle free.. Thanks for the informative post 🙂

  22. Cabins says:

    Initially moving is really a tough day, but reading this post makes me realize that organizing things would be a lot of help. This way you will be able to sort out things that you need to bring with you. It may take a little while in organizing but it will all be worth it when it’s time for you to move. Thanks for sharing.

  23. very impressive post, have a good day!

  24. Ashleigh

    Absolutely love your starting sentence!! 🙂 We’re going to be selling our house sometime this year to move further out into the country and I just know that the moving part is going to be one big anxiety attack.

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  26. Evan Laydon says:

    Thanks Amber for that very helpful tips. Following this will make your moving in so easy and hassle free.

    -Evan Laydon
    Spectra Company

  27. Thanks for sharing. Its better to hire professionals who deals with moving to make it easier and more efficient.

  28. Hi there, it looks like you have a very nice article now! I enjoy a lot a finely written post.

  29. This fits in well with who has a plan to move house at the end of this week. Nice tips…

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  36. The professional movers have already thought about what would make the process easier and come prepared.

  37. Actually moving is never a easy job as it requires a lot of work. Organizing goods is the most important part to take care of while moving. Thanks a lot for providing those great tips. Would love to read more of those. 🙂

  38. Keith Bliss says:

    Some great tips there for those who are planning to move from one place to another. Most of the we lose some valuable papers like certificate. It is a very good idea to collect and pack all of them before touching anything else. 🙂

  39. Mario says:

    Great info and tips. I’m moving in a few days and I’m so glad now that I found your blog. Thanks for sharing

  40. Sara says:

    Great article. Protecting and labeling the boxes containing valuables is essential! I had several valuable items broken when we moved last year because the people packing were a little careless.

  41. Doyle says:

    Great ideas to help people move. We always suggest color coding boxes for the same reason you mentioned. If you do this with furniture movers, just remember to provide them with a relevant sheet outlining which color goes to each room.

    Thank you for the post, keep it up.

  42. It pays to have a company help you pack.

  43. Make sure to pack the things you won’t need to access in the back corners of the unit. Put the largest and heaviest boxes on the bottom to form a base, and use the small boxes for stacking. Make sure to leave the space in front for your suitcases and tubs of clothing for easy access.

  44. alex from coventry removal company

    Make sure before your removal company arrives that everything is boxed and they are all labelled. Make sure anything that needs to be dismantled has been taken apart so when they arrive they can get straight on with their job.

  45. johns.miles says:

    That is a really good 8 Ways to Organize Your Home Before You Move and particularly to those who move many times… Appreciate your sharing this one. A must read article!

  46. alex

    You can never be too organised in the eyes of a removal man. If you have floor plans of the new house and have labelled all of your boxes then this will make their life easier and in turn yours.

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