Decluttering People?

time to say goodbyeI’m going to go out on a limb with this blog and talk about what it would look like to cut clutter in the form of people from our lives. Yes, it’s risky. I understand. We are brought up by our parents to be nice to everyone. We are taught to accept all people and be a friend to those that don’t have friends. We are encouraged to keep in touch with people and check in with people. So can we declutter relationships or let people go? Is that allowed? Would that be a positive thing?

I think the answer is yes. Several reasons make me believe that it wouldn’t be all too bad to just let some people in our lives drift away or lose touch. In fact, I think it’s absolutely necessary in some cases and would be healthier all around if we did. Think through the circles of friends and people in your life: your social life, colleagues at work,  professional acquaintances, employees, friends from childhood and schools you’ve attended, neighbors, people you have met through your hobbies, and the list goes on and on.

Here’s the key question: do those people add positive and helpful energy to your life, or do they take away from your energy, leaving you drained and worse off? It’s not an easy question to answer. I get that there are many variables and relationships aren’t always about taking and getting things from people. I just want you to step back and consider how your life would be without a particular person in it – not in a morbid sense – just from a relationship standpoint. What would change?

There is a correlation between our stuff and the people in our lives. Our stuff weighs us down, clogs things up, prevents us from getting what we want, and takes away from our peace and calm. We are also sometimes attached to our stuff to give us comfort or to dispel a fear of letting it go. People are no different. There are always reasons why we don’t just let them go.

So I challenge you to think about who you need to “let go.” Who do you need to end things with? Who would you be better off without? If I were to be honest with you, I would tell you there are people I choose not to work with and not to surround myself with in my business because my business would be worse off for it. I also can think of a handful of people I need to let go. It won’t be easy but I will. If I’m asking you to, I will do it too.

–A big thank you to a dear friend that inspired me to write this blog. Thank you for your insight and perspective.

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4 Responses to Decluttering People?

  1. I can relate to you. There are people that I rather not to be with because they will just do me harm instead of making me a good and productive person.

  2. Levon

    yeah lot of people slow you down in life, you have to to get away from those people so you canspeed up and achieve your goals.

  3. debbie Olson says:

    I appreciate this article. It is not necessarily that people are negative or weigh you down. I feel like there is a limited amount of friendships you can sustain at one time. Just like the clutter in our homes, not all of it is junk, some of it is useful, valuable and even new, but at some point it is too much to keep track of. An example from our house would be books. I’m guessing we have more than 900 books in our house. If we read 50 books a year (one a week) it would take us close to 18 years to read them all!

  4. Amber says:

    Debbie, that’s a great way to say it.. “Just like the clutter in our homes, not all of it is junk, some of it is useful, valuable and even new, but at some point it is too much to keep track of.” I appreciate your thoughts. If you’re ready to let go of some of the books, try this site

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