Organizing Books

booksAre you a book collector?  Here’s how to part with books.

  • Count the number of books you have – yes, that’s right. Either one shelf at a time, one box at a time, or every book you own. Now you have that number in your head. Set a concrete goal: I’d like to get rid of 30% of my books, 20% of my books, etc. Now do the math. If you have 100 books, getting rid of 20% would be 20 books. Go back to your bookshelves or boxes and just pick 20. Count aloud as you do it. You’ll be surprised how easy this exercise can be.
  • Consider transitioning to an e-reader such as a Nook or Kindle. This will obviously safe a lot of space.
  • Get rid of the books you’ve read, keeping only the ones you haven’t. It’s easy to eliminate books if that’s the standard you set before sorting.
  • Check publishing dates in the front cover for medical reference books, rravel books, and any type of book that would go “out of date.” Promise yourself you won’t hold onto anything that is “x” number of years old. You set the bar.
  • Ask yourself this question, “When I need an answer about this topic, am I going to refer to this book on the shelf, go to the library to find a book on it, or look it up on the internet?” Answer honestly. Most often you won’t even think to look on your shelf.
  • Don’t allow yourself to make room by packing up boxes of books and leaving them in a storage room or basement. You’ll forget what you have and won’t want to go shuffling through box after box looking for the one book you’ll need. Besides, you’re just moving clutter, not really making a decision to get rid of it.
  • Move cookbooks into the kitchen. You won’t use them if they are in your home library or living room.

Read more on where you can recycle and donate books.

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3 Responses to Organizing Books

  1. I actually have a lot of books still left for organizing. I will surely try this process you suggested to get rid of those that are not too much important since I have a very limited space for storage.

  2. Janet Barclay

    I find books to be one of the hardest areas to keep organized, because I’m always buying and receiving more. I tend to pass fiction on to someone else when I’m finished with it, unless it’s by one of my favorite authors, in which case I keep it.

    Right now both my business and personal bookcases are out of space, and I think these guidelines will make it easier for me when I decide to deal with them.

  3. Levon

    I remember my old bookshelf, it was so it easy to organize things when I had that now that it’s gone my books are just all over the place.

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