Mudroom Blues

messy shoesHere in the Midwest, we are in the middle of a snowy, soggy, wet winter. Our mudrooms and entryways by now are clogged with boots, missing mittens, wet snow pants, snow scrapers and old towels on the floor sopping up all the wetness. I’d love to hold a “worst looking mudroom” photo contest right about now, but I’ll spare all of us the despair and groaning.

Despite the winter weather, there’s hope. We can have a plan and that plan can be put into action to make these entryways into functional spaces instead of the dumping ground. No one can change the weather but we can adapt to it in a faster, easier and more organized way. Try these tips (if you haven’t already) and feel free to share ideas and your solutions with us!

Clear out anything that isn’t season-appropriate right now. If there are stray flipflops, beach towels, sidewalk chalk, wind breakers, or umbrellas, move them out of the way or relocate them higher up on a shelf and towards the back of the closet.

Hooks are easier than hangers. It’s so much easier to hang a heavy winter coat, snow pants or a scarf on a hook instead of a hanger. If there is wall space for hooks, add them in. If you already have hooks and they’re full, consider more hooks.

Consider keeping gloves or mittens inside coat pockets. Instead of having a basket of mittens and gloves, why not just keep them inside the jackets they typically get worn with? Of course you have a backup container, but for everyday use, just use the pockets of coats.

Keep ski and snow gear separate. It’s not every day that you’re skiing the slopes or playing in the snow (well for some families maybe) but generally speaking weekends is when the action happens. All week you’re trying to get out the door for work and school. Bring out the ski and snow gear weekly instead of letting it clog up the mudroom throughout the week.

Make clean up easy on yourself. Use boot trays and heavy duty entryway rugs. Flimsy cheap mats won’t stand up against Midwest winters. And yes, you will have to wash them weekly or every other week in a high traffic area. On a daily basis consider keeping cleaning wipes and paper towels handy to sop up the wet mess. If you have the space, a bin of clean rags and a bin of dirty rags would do the trick as well. Swiffer makes all sorts of disposable one-use floor mops if you have the space for something like that as well.


Photo © Daniel Lord / Depositphotos

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3 Responses to Mudroom Blues

  1. Sarah Park says:

    These are all very helpful tips. A disorganized mudroom gives me a headache.

  2. Amber says:

    Thanks Sarah!

  3. Hello.
    It seems to be getting around to that time of year again, so this will definitely help keeping things organized. Thanks for posting.

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