Tips for Saving Time Around the House

More Time Just AheadThe key to great time management and for saving time is to Plan Ahead. Stay two steps ahead of yourself.

Yesterday, I was thinking about today: how my day would go, when I plan to work out, and where I am organizing.

This morning, I am thinking of my day: how the day will play out, what I will make for dinner, and what we will do after dinner.

Tomorrow, I will be thinking of the weekend: what we will plan on getting done, who we are getting together with, and when I’ll do laundry (weekends are my laundry days so I plan for that).

I’m constantly thinking ahead and of the next thing so that I can get it all done. It’s the way my brain is programmed. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, that’s okay. Consider what would help you to think ahead and plan ahead. Would lists work? Would calendar appointments work? How can you think through your day or week to help it go more smoothly?

Here are some simple things that I do or typically suggest.

  • Collect items to return in a container in the trunk of your car or back seat. Keep a list in your phone or purse of the stops you need to make. Make them when you’re in the vicinity.
  • Lay out clothes the night before. Iron clothes and pick jewellery to match ahead of time so you won’t have to rush when you’re getting dressed.
  • Determine a laundry routine. Pick days you will do laundry, days to fold, and days to put away. Having time to wash, fold, and put away all at once isn’t realistic for most people.
  • Set your own deadlines of when clean clothes have to be put away each week. For example, Sunday night is my deadline. We don’t start the week with mounds of clean clothes in the bedroom, so it all has to be put away before going to bed Sunday night.
  • Keep a gym bag stocked with everything you need and backups of things you may forget.  Pack the gym bag the night before if you add new clothes or towels each day.
  • Choose sports you can do that take no prep time; for example, taking a walk or run right from your home. When I’m short on time, I run or take a walk instead of going to the gym.
  • Cook in bulk on the weekends or on your days off to take the stress off during the week. When you’re tired after a long day and don’t want to cook, all you need to do is open the refrigerator and pull something out. I only cook a week ahead of time.

Hopefully you can glean something new or suggest to us some tips of your own in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you!

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5 Responses to Tips for Saving Time Around the House

  1. Great system. Thanks for sharing your plan. I only have to do laundry for 3 people, but I’m sure as my family grows I’ll use some sort of schedule like this.

  2. Audra says:

    Cleaning can definitely be time-consuming so thanks for the nice tips in saving time ready for my spring cleaning!

  3. Apu Mridha says:

    Amazing tips for cleaning.Thanks for sharing! 😀

  4. Ian Harvey

    Planning is a root to success. We should always plan first before making the decision. You got a really good topic for people.

  5. UHI123 says:

    Great tips! My Mom could learn something out of this. She is a person who loves to see her house sparkling clean. She does the laundry every Wednesday and Saturday, then the rest is cleaning other stuffs at home.

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