More Space Isn’t the Solution

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I recently tried to get this principle through to a family. Sometimes we think the only solution to clutter is more space or a bigger home. There isn’t some magical way to create more space or add square footage to your home (without construction, that is). Yet people ask me all the time to help them find space and to give them more space. I’m convinced that 90% of the time, more space isn’t the solution. Here’s what I think can really impact how a home feels and functions.

  1. Focus on furniture with great storage. Being strategic in buying furniture that holds items and doesn’t just “look nice” is key. Bookshelves, entertainment centers, night stands, and sideboards or china buffets in dining rooms are often undervalued. These pieces are key and if you pick the right ones, they can hold a lot of stuff.
  2. Stop buying in bulk. I know this is hard, but seriously, if you don’t have storage space, don’t buy in bulk; just buy what you need when you run out. It takes time to change your mindset but it will be okay… you don’t need eight rolls of paper towels waiting to be used. One backup roll is all you need.
  3. Only keep what fits. I know this is strict and tough but if you only have room for ten water glasses, then keep ten. If your front closet only holds fifteen winter coats, narrow down your amount to fifteen. Before you shop, or as you’re shopping, consider where you’ll store what you’re buying and bringing home. Hopefully this will change shopping patterns to buy only what you need.

Do you think you need more space in your home? Which of these steps could help you free up more space this week?


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