The Sequence to a Move: Step 4

Unpacking in Your New Home

packing the moving truckThe biggest mistake you can make is to start unpacking many rooms at once. I know it’s tempting, but it really doesn’t work. Tackle one room at a time.

Because you are dealing with one room at a time, prioritize and decide which rooms are most important. Typically the kitchen and bedrooms are top priority, as you will need to sleep and eat right away.

Have your master list handy and check off each box as it is unpacked.

Put away items as you unpack them, but avoid unpacking items into bookcases and other furniture until you’re sure how each room will be laid out.

Although moving tends to be hectic, try to keep one room as clutter-free as possible so you have a welcoming spot to take breaks and eat your meals throughout the day.

Even if you’ve de-cluttered before packing, you’ll probably discover that you’ve brought things that won’t be needed, or that you don’t have room for in your new home. Place them in boxes for donation to charity or pitch them right away. If you can’t make an immediate decision for some items, put them in a separate box to review once you’ve finished unpacking and are settled into your new home.

As you unpack each box, fold it and prepare for recycling. Keep any that will be useful – for example, wardrobe boxes are great for storing out of season clothing.

Enlist help from your spouse, your kids, or friends. Unpacking is definitely a team effort and takes a lot of hands and energy to really feel settled. In addition, if you allow your children to unpack their own stuff, they’ll feel more in control and will be out of your way as you work in other rooms.

Hiring organizers to do your unpacking can be the smartest move you every make. If you are under a deadline, have no time, or are being relocated by a company which pays for the move, organizers are a no-brainer. We know exactly where to place things, where things should be stored, and how make the most of your new space.

Have you moved recently? Will you do things differently next time?

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2 Responses to The Sequence to a Move: Step 4

  1. Julie says:

    This was such a helpful series. We are actually moving to a different, nearby flat at the end of the summer(that is owned by Christians who rent for low prices to help out divinity students!). So I have been thinking a lot about he moving process lately 🙂 Fortunately, we don’t actually own many thing right now – which I LOVE!

  2. Amber says:

    So glad I could post information that is useful and practical for you! Good luck with your move.. and that’s great you get a deal on rent

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