Junk Drawer No More

10 Steps to Organizing A Junk Drawer

junk drawer1. Clear the countertop above the junk drawer so you have space to spread out.

2. Sort out the contents onto the countertop into categories.

3. As you sort and pull odds and ends out, toss as much as possible. Don’t get bogged down with the cheap giveaways that you’ve accumulated, fast food condiment packets, or a million rubber bands or paper clips. They are not worth your time and not worth pulling your hair out over. Just let them go.

4. Take time to go through the pens and pencils. Pitch the pencils that are short, stubby, and missing an eraser. Throw out the pens that don’t write well and aren’t your favorites. We all reach for the pens that we favor so get rid of the annoying ones.

5. Often excess chap sticks, medicine, pills, hand lotion, and other miscellaneous toiletries end up in junk drawers. Return as much as you can to the bathroom or linen closet.

6. Once the drawer is completely empty, go ahead and wipe it clean before filling it back up.

7. Recognize how essential well fitted drawer organizers are to keep stuff organized. It’s almost impossible to keep a junk drawer organized without them. Measure the height, depth and length of the drawer.

8. Consider what type of drawer organizers you’d prefer and shop. There are expandable plastic organizers, wooden drawer organizers, or create your own by buying many individual compartments.

9.  Once you have the drawer organizers in place, fill the drawer back up and enjoy the organization!

10. Repeat this process a couple times of year to maintain organization. Any drawer or cabinet will get out of control every once and awhile so take time to maintain it by straightening it every so often.

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2 Responses to Junk Drawer No More

  1. mathewson548 says:

    Most of the people don’t even bother about the things where they kept around them. But they make hurry burry to catch the left things in time. This is the good article where it clearly explained about the drawer where you can put anything hand items in order to hunt like a cat for the rat 🙂 .. Nice post..

  2. Levon

    I hate super junky drawers, as soon as I open them up I feel like a small sense of depression comes over me because I know I have no choice but to clean them

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