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old-newChanging Old Systems to try New Organizing Solutions

Sometimes I find myself organizing or straightening the same thing I organized six to twelve months ago. Naturally, things don’t stay perfectly organized but after awhile I begin to think that we need to change something up. It’s not cutting it anymore just to straighten and put things back in order. There comes a time when we need to chuck the old way and old system out the window to try something new and different. Changing how you store things, hang things, where you place things, and how you’ll access things can really make a difference.

I like change, embrace new ideas well, and frankly get bored way too often. Just ask my husband… he can attest to my frequent boredom with things staying the same. Some people fear change and get really nervous about doing things differently. I’d encourage you to think outside the box though. What would happen if you tried something completely new and different when it comes to organizing?  Switch the contents in a cabinet. Move items around to different closets. Change how you store items. For example, what if you hung your dining room linens instead of fold them? What would you gain, space wise, if you decided not to give in to a junk drawer in your kitchen?

In the organizing world, we sometimes refer use the slogans “looking through a new set of lenses” or “looking at it through the eyes of a stranger.” If you visited your neighbor or friends home and she wanted new ideas, I bet you could come up with several new organizing ideas for her because you don’t live or work there everyday. The same would be true if you had her over and asked her opinions and ideas. She’s probably share new insights you’ve never thought of. One part of hiring a professional organizer is just that; you’re getting a new perspective and fresh set of eyes looking at the same out routine and system you’ve had for months or years.

So next time you find yourself straightening the same thing over and over, ask yourself, what could I change? try differently? add or take away from this? If it doesn’t work, you can always change it back. That’s the beauty of controlling change in your own environment.

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