Eliminating Paper

Going Paperless is Easier & More Organized than We Think

I recently downsized my four drawer filing cabinet down to three drawers. It got me thinking though. I would love to have no filing cabinet at all. My filing cabinet is super organized and is really functional but even with all that, I’d love to eliminate a piece of furniture in my office. I’m also coming across more and more offices with a “to scan” pile or “Scan” box. That’s encouraging. More people appreciate and value less paper in their life due to the technology era. 

If you’d like to join the paperless movement I’d recommend starting small. Try scanning in business cards or receipts. Cards and receipts are the trouble makers. Many people struggle to stay on top of these little peices of paper that drive most of us nuts. A lot financial documents are all accessible on our financial websites. So I wouldn’t start there. I also suggest blocking out scanning time in your week or day. Either scan as you go or if you need to let it pile up, don’t let it pile up more than one week. Now what scanner to use. I suggest Neat Receipts. Neat Receipts makes life a lot simpler and is pretty easy to navigate. 

If you currently use a scanning device, tell us what you think of it? Which do you use? 

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