Repurposing Old Greeting Cards

So the million dollar question around Christmas time is what do I do with all the cards I get from family and friends? It feels so nice to have been thought of by people and we were encouraged by their card, but then what? Stacks gather and I find them later when we organize your closet, office, or Christmas decorations. Most of the time, I find that people keep them out of guilt. Two kinds of guilt that is- the first being some excuse like this…. it was such a nice picture; their my niece and nephew or godchild; I couldn’t possibly throw out their picture. The second type of guilt is- I didn’t send them a card this year. I can’t forget next year to send them a card. They’ll think the worst of me.

old greeting cardsSo let’s address the first type of guilt. Here’s my response: Just because someone sends you a card or picture card doesn’t mean you’re obligated to keep it forever. Keeping pictures of cute children that are not your children or family is not your responsibility. That mom or dad of that particular family has the responsibility to keep and store pictures of their own kids just like you have the responsibility to organize and maintain your child’s soccer pictures and professional portrait pictures. Let’s flip flop the argument one more way- do you expect every person to keep every card or photo card you’ve ever sent them of you pet or child? I’m hoping you’re shaking your head no right now. You get my point. Moving on.

Now for the second type of guilt. If you need to remember to send them a card, either make a Christmas list for next year out of this years cards or add that person into your address book. When I send Christmas cards out I just go through A to Z in my address book. I’m guaranteed never to forget anyone. Throughout the year as people send me cards or update their address after moving I slip the new address into the address book. When Christmas rolls around I’m ready to go. Adding one or two names each week or month through out the whole year is easier then compiling and typing out a whole list at once. But, if that’s the route you’d like to take, you still don’t need the card. Pitch or recycle the card and keep the envelope which has the return address. Once they’re recorded pitch the envelopes at once.

I you’re the type of person that loves beautiful cards and couldn’t possibly think of pitching them send them off to a good cause. St. Jude’s has created a great program to recycle and repurpose old greeting cards. And not only Christmas cards, any type of greeting card will suffice. Read more details to help out this great cause. You clear the card clutter and other people benefit from it.

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