Streamlining Your Wallet

Organizing A Jam Packed Wallet

How overstuffed is your wallet? When you are standing in the check out lane at Target paying the cashier are receipts flying out everywhere? Maybe if you hold it just so or clasp it shut fast, half the contents won’t fall out. Let’s end the cycle of receipt saving and credit card carrying. Why not just make it simple? Carry only receipts for known return items and carry only the rewards cards and credit cards you absolutely can’t live without. We are going to address this a little further

1. Receipts– there’s really only 3 types of receipts that end up in any given wallet. The first kind of receipt is for returns. This is legitimate. If you know you’ll be returning the item, it belongs in the wallet. The second, is receipts for business write offs. So you take a prospective client out to lunch. Of course you will save that receipt and pass it on to your bookkeeper or tax professional. The third kind of receipt just takes up space and should be tossed. It’s receipts from McDonalds, the hair salon, Starbucks, Jewel-Osco, etc. These receipts for mindless, every day purchases have no place in your wallet. There’s no reason to keep them. Toss them before you even leave the store. Better yet, tell the cashier to pitch the receipt, you don’t need it.  

2. Credit Cards -Maybe you have one credit card, maybe you have fifty. To me it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the amount of credit cards you lug around. I know you know which top two or three cards you use the most. Leave the specialty credit cards at home. You know, for example, the Victoria Secret credit card. You most likely are not shopping there every week. So take it out only when you are planning your next trip to the mall. Get the idea? It just isn’t necessary to carry them all and another point, is it’s just not safe. If for some reason your wallet or purse is stolen, it’s a lot easier to call in to cancel two to three cards instead of ten. 

3. Reward Cards-Why is it that every store from Blockbuster to Toys R’ Us wants us to sign up for their store reward card? If I had a dollar for every reward card I found while organizing, I would leave with a pretty nice tip. I would encourage you to get them all out and spread them out on the kitchen counter or dining room table. Check junk drawers, wallets, old purses, desk drawers and your bedroom dresser tops for any and all reward cards. Once you have them laid out, pick your top five to eight stores you shop the most. Carry only those in your wallet and keep the rest together in an envelope or shallow container in a drawer. When you are looking for one, you will know where to find them or where to put them back after shopping. 

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