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Cherishing Memories without Creating Clutter

Happy Valentines! This weekend your spouse or significant other will give you a mushy card, your kids will draw you a picture of a heart on red paper and you might even get a love note or poem in the mail or through email. These things warm our hearts and remind us of the people in our lives that love us, appreciate us, and think of us. For some reason, we, as human beings, want to be loved, appreciated, and recognized by others. So naturally many moms, grandmas, and wives tell me “I just can’t throw it out. I read these when I have a bad day. I want to make a scrapbook. This is such a thoughtful letter/card. etc.” But then we know what usually happens, the keepsakes end up in a bin in the back of the closet, in the basement, or in a filing cabinet. The stuff is rarely accessed or read and a feeling of guilt surfaces when we stumble upon it while organizing. 

The question I get asked by far the most is:  What do people do with their memorabilia Amber? There are many, many answers to that question but I think the more poignant question that applies to my clients is : How do you personally want to honor, recognize, and remember people’s love for you? What steps you take next will depend on how you answer that question.

Next time you think about saving a memento try these suggestions. That’s how I personally decided what to keep and what not to keep.

Who is this from? Only keep items from VERY significant people. For me, it’s my husband and parents. That’s it. That doesn’t mean the rest of the people are not important in my life, it just means I’m not going to keep everything single thing they give me. In the end, those are the people that matter the most. Who do you view that way in your life? 

Why/When did I receive this? Only keep items that relate to a VERY significant event or occasion that occurred. For me, it’s my wedding, dating/courtship period with my husband, a milestone birthday, and a significant educational accomplishment that occurred. Those four things are the very top best memories I’ve had in my life. Which are your top 4 or 5? 

How and where should I store this? This is where we have lots of options. So here they are. Choose which makes the most sense for you and which would allow you to remember and recognize the items. There’s no wrong or right answer and frankly I don’t think these are very creative. They just are what they are and this is  what most people do with their memories. For me, I place photos and travel mementos in scrapbooks and the rest is in 3-4 shoeboxes in my office closet. That’s not fancy but it works for me. And yes, every once and awhile I pull it down and take a trip down memory lane. But to be honest, I love my albums and scrapbooks the most. 

Ways and Places to Store Memorabilia

  • In a labeled shoebox

  • In a plastic labeled bin

  • In a scrapbook

  • Slip papers into protective sheets in a 3 ring binder

  • In a photo album

  • In a frame– rotate pictures or artwork.

  • In dresser drawers

  • Create a bound book on www.Snapfish.com

  • Create a bound book by letting www.Memorieswow.com do the work for you

  • Portfolio Cases
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