Donate Now Instead of Later

5 Reasons to Donate Stuff Now instead of Later…..

After organizing, it’s too easy to procrastinate about getting rid of “stuff you might use someday”. That “someday"  turns into months, even years later. Here’s 5 good reasons to get rid of the stuff and donate as soon as possible. 

  1. Enjoy the tax deduction instead of delaying it
  2. Save yourself the space you’d use to store it
  3. Your charity will have a better chance of selling or using the items. If an item sits for 5-10 years, it will most likely be outdated by the time you donate it and then it will be useless. No one benefits. 
  4. Donating later uses up twice your time and energy because you have to touch the stuff twice, think about it twice, decide twice, move it twice, etc. …. 
  5. Finishing a job completely from start to finish provides more peace of mind and satisfaction. If you let the stuff lie, you’ll be reminded every time you see it that you’re still not completely done.
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