Secrets to Organization

Are you always wishing you were a little more organized? You’ve come to the right place. Being organized is knowing what you have and where to find it quickly when you need it. So here are the secrets to remember:

Secret#1.  Have a permanent place or spot for everything in your home.  Everything you own should have its rightful space to reside until it’s used, read, worn, looked at, considered, or touched. To determine its rightful space ask yourself: How often is it used? Who uses it? What other things in your home should it reside with? You’ll always know where to find your things if your things on in their designated area/space.

Secret#2.  Do everything within your power to make putting things away (after using them) a DAILY habit. This is key. Organization will not last without daily habits of maintaining the organization. Chaos will rear its ugly head faster then you think unless you start making time to return things to where they belong- books, mail, toys, dishes, shoes, laundry, etc.  As you move from room to room in your house through out the day take a few extra seconds or minutes to pick up items that belong in a different room. Take them with you and put them away.

Secret #3.  Open your hands and let go. Letting go of things is not always easy. It’s harder for some then others, but all of us face the challenge to simplify. Commit to being an open handed person instead of tightly holding on to all you own. Things and possessions can not give us lasting joy, only people and God can. Getting organized shouldn’t lead you to focus on your things, but to focus you on how you want your home to feel and life to run. What if your home and life felt peaceful, inviting, productive, under control, and stress free? That’s the goal. You can do it!

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