Space Bags- Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Space Bags have been on the market awhile now and most people know all about them. I was skeptical when they first came out and never really was a big advocate for them. Many people asked my opinion if I would recommend them and never really had an opinion. Until recently. Just a week ago we returned from a vacation where we had to use them to make things fit in our suitcases. We went camping in Yellowstone National Park and at this time of year you can get snow or sunshine. So we packed wool sweaters, long underwear, hats and mittens as well as shorts and T- Shirts. My husband suggested we try out the Space Bags and I can now say they work pretty well. Two huge factors that made them a success was that we didn’t buy the knock off brands and we didn’t over stuff them. So if you stick to those two rules you should be alright. I liked using them for traveling but I don’t think I would use them for long term storage in my home. I guess I can’t get used to the idea of trapping cotton in an airless fashion. I sort of think things need to “breathe” as silly as that might sound.

What about you? Have Sapce Bags worked for you and what have you stored in them?

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