Organizing Similar to Building A Puzzle

Today I was in a basement again… don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind basements. I’ve found that for some reason I get calls for the same part of the house over a few weeks or months. Then the calls start coming for a different part of the house. It’s very odd and true for many organizers as well. Ok, so back to my point about organizing being like building a puzzle. Sometimes clients call and are insistent upon working on a certain  room or space in their home or office. That’s not unusual. But, many times I find that that space is linked to another and most often we can’t organize the space they’d like until we organize other space. I know it’s confusing. Let me give you today’s example. While in a basement today, the client wanted to clear off shelves full of books into her design studio. So we started the job but immediately found office supplies and photos mixed in on these shelves. They were not in the original plan to go into her studio.  So now we needed a spot for these. So we walked over to a couple of closets that could be our solution. What did we find? -two more spaces that had to be “touched up” before we could add our office supplies. So we diverted and worked on organizing those two closets in order to  accomplish our original purpose (or complete the puzzle) of clearing off the basement shelving.


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